Yesterday, I went to Syracuse for the evening. Autumn is clinging to the atmosphere, hanging over the roadways, pulling in Northern winds but no snow. Soon winter will descend like a punctuation. And for four months we'll be between parenthesis. We should all be playing in the leaves.

It's easy to move away and forget a place that disappoints us. We're all given the responsibility to do something and be something and make the place we live in the most creative and exciting place possible. We can't just all wait around, sitting on our computers, isolated, hoping someone else will do it for us.

Come up with an idea. Go out and do it yourself. Just make it happen. Don't be afraid, don't be nervous, don't wait for someone else. Do it. We're all directly responsible for our boredom, our disappointment, the lackluster quality of the world around us. Turn off your computer, your television, your video game system, your music machines, and play. Just play. Rediscover. Re-explore. Put on new lenses, new space goggles, new binoculars, new glasses, new blindfolds. Touch the world around you. Watch the world around you. Smell something new, breathe something new. Please. Go spelunking around your imagination and then tell everyone what you find. Everyone has this place.

You can find your way back home.

I say it once more (with new energy and confidence):

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