11/4/2011 (already)

I finally know it is a real place. Attainable, achievable, touchable. 
We're adrift. 

candles with blue wax, oranges, italian cookies. 
walking when it's just slightly raining. 
kissing, sometimes. 
feeling a presence, feeling present, feeling your presence. 
thinking about her glass legs.
writing something fiction, reading something fiction, painting for three hours straight. 
constructing a mask, wearing a mask, painting the pieces (the layers of a mask). 
walking around at night. writing to you. getting letters. finally feeling calm.
under a barrage of rain. 
waking up early and knowing.
hearing good poetry. 
being thankful, being quiet, being silly. 
elderberries, daddy's peach jam. 
the moon. 

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