I am grateful for showers. I am thankful for running hot water, a tide of warmth and a rushing of comfort, a place I can hide and close my eyes and be naked.
I am thankful I have skin to feel the water.
Ska music. Ska for always, unconditionally, making me feel happy. 
Really cute animals, such as bunnies.
Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs for being cool to read about and watch movies starring them.
My ficus bonsai tree because having to take care of it reminds me I have to take care of myself.
I am thankful I have the ability to throw myself totally and completely into projects and people; to donate myself wholly, solely to a play, a painting, a person, and know it’s the right thing.
Snow. Boats. Water.
Yoga at the end of the day.
Hockey games.
Going camping, smelling like a campfire, the woods, pine, coffee.
The universe. The universe crashing. The Milky Way pulsing. The cobalt Cayuga Lake.
I am grateful for the garbage pottery bin in the art studio, from which I’ve snagged many pieces of pottery that are worth a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, maybe sixty chances.
I’m grateful I am patient.
And for the ivy growing over my window throwing green onto my walls.
Bugs.  Even if they are house centipedes trying to crawl into my bed.
Colors. Autumn. Tennis.
Mint tea.
Animals, dreams, poetry, hushed promises, wet grass, sneakiness, raspberries.

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