fossil hunting.

walking through fields, walking through libraries, walking in forests. dampness. becoming a bug. crawling inside flowers. pressing our faces together. pressing.

painting, drawing, building, breaking, tearing, mashing, creating, mixing, feeling beautiful, feeling like you're floating, feeling like your hands have separated from your body, feeling like you have separated from your body

remembering that you're part of the universe, that the universe is part of you, that you are part of a whole, that you're responsible for how you treat others and how others treat you.

holding children, playing with children, watching children play, being with children, being loved by children and loving children, hold their hands, holding hands. clasping. folding. giving. excitement, enjoyment, the luxury of enjoyment. deceived into enjoying, tricked into believing, forfeiting. weakness.

writing. even if you go back and are sad about what you wrote and it's sad to remember that we have forgotten or what we never had or what we lost. but that is the most beautiful feeling. we should embrace those feelings and try, with everything, to know that we are feeling those things and understanding them. trying to understand memories, to understand the shape of memory, to touch and hold and keep the feelings that we can't always have forever. elastic, unforgiving, relentless.



aurora, crepuscolo, accepting defeat, accepting failure, accepting anguish, inviting change, inviting wires, divulging, whimpering. glass trees. glass sound. glass winter. glass touches. glass emotions. glass whispering. cerbiatto.

remembering things that never happened. imagining places that never happened. walking when it's raining, when it's october, when it's cold, pretending that you're someplace else. hearing music when there is no music. touching music when there is no music.

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